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Ode To Europe

Ode To Europe 

Memories designed to fade
Ears dripping sounds of grey
Some more real than desire
Echo will set us all on fire

As the night is full of screams
Words like moths beat on the screens
All men born with wings that sing
Mother Europe trapped in dreams

Charming stories, open wounds
The muted light of sacred woods
One thousand years lost in a glance
Midnight drifters of the boulevards

Pulsing fragments, inner life
Trading time for a smile
Silent paths to healing scars
Love will die amongst the brightest stars

Tiny worlds of memories
Whispers hanged on violins
Some more real than desire
Echo will set us all on fire

Sing my verses of youthful crimes
On breaking dawns with bitter suns
In hidden places such as this
Every rebel deserve a kiss

So, keep your love for a rainy day
When all the flowers will be thirsty again…

Lyrics & music: Giannis Papaioannou

© Inner Ear Records, 2014

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Our new single is out!

Our new 7″ single “Obscure” is out in the shops through Inner Ear Records!

Here’s the press-release info:

One year after the successful launch of their self-titled debut, Mechanimal return with a 7inch single that prepares the ground for their second album.

Both tracks were recorded in the summer of 2013 in Mechanimal’s studio in Kessariani, Athens and express experiences that, while personal, reach a large part of people’s everyday life. “Obscure” speaks about all that well-hidden information running through our veins, some of it unconsciously, while “The Last Summer” is a melancholic ballad that describes the end of a false era when one realizes that perhaps we are nothing more than the memory of a wounded machine.

The single was mastered by Coti K. The cover artwork comes from visual material of the band’s visual artist, Aggeliki Vrettou. The video for the track “Obscure” was directed by Yannis Karabelas, a member of the creative team Les Yper Yper.

Available on 7inch vinyl and digital download from Inner Ear.


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Funny (Ion Instrumental Edit)

sentimental objections /

sentimental world /

gestures must be repeated /

all linked to the project of throwing up on culture itself /

Amerika, Amerika /

in a state of dual power /

overthrown /

bearing incredible instructions /

part of the general cultural disintegration /

This is a free download instrumental edit of Funny

You can grab it from here (press the Download button on the widget) or through our Mechanimal SoundCloud page

All rights reserved



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