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While Greece as a nation goes through economic and social decline, it’s musicians are brazenly conceiving some of the most interesting records in Europe. Comprised of pioneers in the Grecian electronic scene, Mechanimal is a trio that synthesizes the motorik of krautrock to an industrial shoegaze.



The Sound of Confusion

Mechanimal’s sublime and indulgent self-titled debut proves to be a fitting soundtrack for a day where you don’t want to rush anything and simply laze and bathe in the languorous heat before the coming storm breaks.


Sound Advice

Grab your headphones and get comfortable – this 10 track debut clocks in at 65 minutes but is well worth every minute. Enjoy the ride!


Lovers Who Are Seekers

Each song that composes the self-titled album is a great portrait of the urban landscapes of the post-modern world and its inherent chaos, nihilism, unfulfilled desires and the economic decadence surrounding this scenario. Although there are many people working with this proposal, I assure you that most of them are not able to reproduce these portraits in shape of music as naturally and accurately as Mechanimal does.